Starbucks Liquid Doubleshot Espresso Coffee - 200 ml

13.96 AED10.74 AED

Brand: Starbucks Coffee Format: Liquid Caffeine Type: Caffeinated Coffee Type: Espresso Roast Type: Light Size: 200 ml Coffee Packaging: Can Flavor: Arabica EAN-13: 5711953005305 Ingredients: 3.3% Fat Milk (75%), Starbucks. Arabica Coffee (Water And Coffee Extract) 20%, Sugar 5%, Natural Coffee Flavoring, Acidity Regulator: Potassium Carbonate, Starbucks. Arabica Coffee And Sugar Traded In Compliance With Fairtrade Standards, Total 98%, Excluding Liquid Ingredients. Details: A delicious and bold ready to drink coffee. Milk drink with Fairtrade certified Starbucks arabica coffee